Name Your Sunshine Coast Baseball Team

Are You Ready to Play the Name Game?

As part of our plan to make Baseball great on the Sunshine Coast, we need to submit a team name to Baseball Queensland for Sunshine Coast Baseball regional representative squads.

We’re asking for ideas from our members. The names will be short-listed by the Sunshine Coast Baseball Association committee and subsequently voted on via our Facebook page.

A Great Name for a Great Team!

What makes a great name? Something that looks good on a ball cap, we suppose.  Or does a great team make a name great?

The Dodgers were originally known as the “Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers”. Brooklyn trolley cars switched from horse-power to electrical power in 1892.  Just like good ball players, pedestrians need to have quick reaction times and be on their toes to get out of the way of these new faster and more dangerous trolleys. We expect that chalking up more than a few World Series wins has made the Dodgers name synonymous with a great baseball club.

So what’s your great name idea? Help us make baseball great by leaving your suggestions via a comment below or on our Name Game Facebook Post.